The joys of having a family dog

The relationships we humans have with our dogs is extremely special. It is arguably the most rewarding relationship any of us will ever have with a non-human being. The love and devotion offered by our dogs is completely unconditional; they care about us so deeply for no reason other than because they want to. With this deep bond between us, there are obviously many outstanding reasons to have a family dog. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that make the human-canine relationship so rewarding.


Dogs are constant and solid companions. No matter our moods, character or station in life, they will always be there for us. They are always eager to greet you when you come in, love to please you at all times and they are especially loving when their uncanny senses tell them that we are feeling down. Dogs are always there to listen to us, and when we come up short they don’t question, second-guess or rebuke. They just love more intensely.

Unconditional love

No matter how you feel or behave, your dog will continue to love you. Unlike humans, dogs offer unconditional love. They may sulk if you don’t respond to their needs immediately or get their feelings hurt if you don’t return their affections, but you can bet that they will come running when you call even if you have shooed them away. They will do anything in their power to make you happy when you are sad — especially if they think a thorough face licking will help!

Health benefits

Having a family dog is beneficial to your health. The greeting you receive from an excited dog that is overjoyed to see you will make you feel wonderful, eliminating the day’s stress in an instant. Adding to that, when you take your canine companion for his or her daily walk and play all the games they love so much you are exercising your own body and getting fresh air. There are also emotional benefits you get from petting and grooming your dog (lowered blood pressure). The sense of worth and motivation that comes from knowing that another living being depends on us also improves our emotional state.

Security and safety

Dogs greatly increase the level of security we feel in our daily lives. They are extremely protective and, by nature, territorial animals, which means they defend their territory — in this case our homes — at all costs. With their keen senses of hearing, sight and smell, they will always alert you when someone is approaching your home. If the person has no business on your property your dog’s barking will often be enough of a deterrent to send them on their way. Outside the home, your dog will protect your personal space as well. They can easily detect threatening body language and unusual behavior from strangers — well before you would notice. Your dog’s vociferous response to a perceived threat will typically ensure that such strangers keep moving and avoid you.

Increased social interaction

For individuals who have difficulty meeting people or making friends, owning a dog is a great way of naturally meeting other dog owners while strolling the neighborhood, playing in the park or hiking in nearby natural areas. The presence of your dog removes the normal social barriers to discussion since it is an easy conversation starter with people you meet along the way. Plus, it gives others a comfortable entry point to approach you if they are interested in striking up a conversation.

In summary, it is clear that the joys of having a family dog are many and important. Dogs are good for our health, our self-image and our safety. If a pill offered the same benefits we would call it a miracle drug and everyone would be on a daily regimen.

If this article has you thinking about adding a dog to your household, you can’t do better than opting for a sensitive, intelligent and beautiful Goldendoodle to be your new family member.